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Nativescript plugin for Batch (push notifications platform) - sully-group/nativescript-batch-notifications

Using custom fonts in your NativeScript app can provide a much-needed (and easy) boost to the look and feel of your app. Learn some tips and tricks to get a great-looking font in your app. 26 Nov 2019 In iOS after selecting file you may not be able to use it directly. In this case you will need to copy that file in your app directory. After using it you 

5 Apr 2015 When developing a NativeScript app, you might run into a situation where This post will show you how you can use a native iOS library in your own app. the lib folder for those who just want to download and try out the app 

Download NativeScript Playground and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Wonderful app, it shows you every single file which you can edit easily. native UI and performance on iOS and Android. NativeScript is… in the iOS App Store or Google. Play to try this out for Example: NativeScript file module  You can download the source code for the NativeScript Angular Todo mobile app from github repository Create a New App for Android and iOS. Before we  15 Jan 2019 NativeScript allows you to build native iOS and Android apps from a To start developing in Playground, you need to download and install two apps on an iOS Start by creating a new tasks.service.ts file in your app's shared  10 Oct 2018 For this we need to install NativeScript Playground app and Preview app. They can be downloaded from Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple. QRCode We can refer this plugin in home-page.js file. While on Play 

Contribute to braune-digital/nativescript-share-file development by creating an account on GitHub.

A complete file picker solution for NativeScript. Contribute to jibon57/nativescript-mediafilepicker development by creating an account on GitHub. A NativeScript plugin for the Hockey SDK. Contribute to toddanglin/nativescript-hockey-sdk development by creating an account on GitHub. Load and edit custom color schemes for NativeScript - rdlauer/nativescript-theme-builder NativeScript kitchen sink demo. All of NativeScript’s functionality in one app. - NativeScript/nativescript-marketplace-demo Background Upload plugin for the NativeScript framework - NativeScript/nativescript-background-http In this blog, we look at how to get up and running with NativeScript and Kinvey as fast as possible. Enable fast and scalable downloads of images and videos in your app.

22 May 2018 This will help us download our dependencies and install NativeScript locally. Create a new Android/ iOS application and paste that ID over your bundle To do that, open your project, head to your app.js file, and add the 

The NativeScript Image Builder helps you re-size your Android and iOS image assets for using with your Select your app icon file, and press Upload!. For app  26 Sep 2019 Ever struggle to update your apps on the iOS app store or Google Play? Open the provisioning profile file you downloaded from Apple in your  1) If you haven't already added firebase to your project, Register your application in firebase console and download the google-services.json file keep it needed  8 Aug 2018 How to download, compile and deploy a NativeScript app. Launch NativeScript Sidekick and open the folder containing the source code you just downloaded Sidekick lets you build and deploy iOS apps on Windows. 22 Jul 2019 NativeScript is an open source framework for creating native mobile apps That will open up our new native application in the iOS simulator. Now our items.component.html file looks like this: We can use web images as src , but so this app can be offline we downloaded the image and brought it right  22 Nov 2018 Goal: Creating a mobile application for Android and iOS that will use Firebase Storage to upload and download images. With those out of the 

NativeScript has become one of the most popular frameworks for Hybrid Mobile App development. Learn how to get started with this complete practical guide. Nativescript is a highly performant cross-platform mobile app runtime, which allows you to target iOS and android (with windows in the pipeline) using web technologies (JS and html). Contribute to davecoffin/nativescript-blur development by creating an account on GitHub. NativeScript Chromecast Plugin. Contribute to lochstar/nativescript-cast development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to mikebranstein/nativescript-tweetresponse-template development by creating an account on GitHub. This sample demonstrates how to use a manually generated module.modulemap file for the consumption of a native library within a plugin. - NativeScript/plugin-ios-modulemap-sample

Today in our Week of NativeScript Sidekick, we look at cloud builds and how Sidekick can dramatically improve the iOS development experience on Windows. Discover high quality plugins, templates and tools for your NativeScript app Learn the basics of the NativeScript CLI, including how to create, run, and debug NativeScript apps. To get started, let's create a new NativeScript Angular application: In this tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly create a cross-platform file storage mobile app for Android and iOS using a single NativeScript 5 code

NativeScript plugin for Parley messaging. Contribute to webuildapps/nativescript-parley development by creating an account on GitHub.

A quick look at NativeScript, an exciting, cross platform mobile application development framework from Telerik. A vue cli 3.x plugin for NativeScript-Vue. Contribute to nativescript-vue/vue-cli-plugin-nativescript-vue development by creating an account on GitHub. NativeScript iOS WatchKit proof of concept example. - agileurbanite/sample-iOS-WatchKit :nail_care: ‍️ Forget passwords, use a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition! - EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-fingerprint-auth Nativescript plugin for Batch (push notifications platform) - sully-group/nativescript-batch-notifications nativescript, mobile, schematics, angular. Contribute to NativeScript/nativescript-schematics development by creating an account on GitHub.